Extended Development Center (EDC)

Under this model, Invaria will set up a dedicated development Lab or a Center for each of it's clients. This development lab will be set up in it's offshore delivery center based in India. The key features and advantages of this model are mentioned below:

  • Dedicated resources are specifically hired for the customer. Each member is carefully selected after detailed scrutiny and hiring is jointly / collaboratively done with the involvement & consent of the customer.
  • Depending on the size of the engagement, Invaria would provide dedicated space to the client with access restrictions, as required.
  • Customer branded offshore development center.
  • Complete IT security, VLAN, remote access, and a virtual development environment. Each member of the team would be provided high quality development environment and laptops to enable them to work remotely as well as off business hours as essential.
  • Complete IP security that will be provided to every customer
  • Invaria will own responsibility over quality, delivery, project management and communication.
  • Program Management, governance and operating processes will be defined in collaboration with the customer. Under this model a solid partnership is built where the customer has complete visibility into the engineering operations on a day-to-day basis, especially in an Agile development environment. Invaria will help design specific processes to ensure that global distributed teams work in close collaboration as "one team" spread over geographies, to deliver high quality products and applications.