Captive as a Service (CaaS) ™

Invaria enables global software companies to build a high performance India captive center. For long term sustainability and profitability of your business, it’s mission-critical to leverage the emerging markets to build products and deliver services. While the industry is grappling with traditional cost-cutting approaches such as Outsourcing, BOT, etc., Invaria has delivered measurable, lasting outcomes by enabling clients to build in-house capability, using our CaaS™ Model.

Captive as a Service (CaaS)™ is the newest approach to building your in-house capability, building high-quality & low-cost development capacity, without any capital investments or financial or operational risk. With CaaS™, we enable our clients to build a solid in-house team that is handpicked to meet their needs. While CaaS™ eliminates all the risks, it provides end to end services to our clients to make all their development initiatives seamless, risk free and truly successful.